Mark DeCamp's Photography

Planet Sydney

I enjoyed making it... i hope you enjoy it.

The Stars are out at the Opera

Another version of the Opera House Stars image. This vertical one was actually the first one i created. I think it brings more attention to the beauty of the Sydney Opera House.

Film Noir Opera House

It was a cold Sydney night. The cloudless sky cast an eerie shadow when then i saw her her tall sleek form stood in front of me....

Sydney Harbor and Opera House

We just landed back home from our first down under vacation. I shot this last night after a long trek over the bridge to get to a couple of prime spots. Lovely country. Lovely people. More to come.

Fairy Dancing

Someone asked me if i saw the dancing fairies above the bridge. At the time i had not. The light from the bridge shines up onto the birds that are just hovering over the top. With the lens open so long i got all these streaks. Thought i would share them instead of trying to edit them out. Enjoy.


From across the bay.

Opera House and Star Trails I hope you enjoy this as much as i did editing it. A multi image composite of the star trails, and then the addition of the Sydney Opera House, and reflection. I am not the best at Photoshop but learning. The best way to learn is to copy and practice. Enjoy

View from Dr Mary Booth Lookout Reserve

Same walk, same night. Another view from Dr Mary Booth Lookout Reserve down on the lower level by the water.

Sydney Skyline WIP

Thought I would share the before and after on this image, just to show you some Work in Progress. Just sharing. I am sure you can provide additional comments and suggestions. See the B&W version of this too.

Sydney Skyline

Thought I would share the before and after on this image, just to show you some Work in Progress. Just sharing. I am sure you can provide additional comments and suggestions. See the B&W version of this too.

Dusk in Sydney Dropping my wife off at the outdoor opera, we turned to see this over our shoulder. It was a great night.

Sydney Light Reflection

My journey started on the left hand side of the Opera House on the other side of Farm Cove. I dropped my wife and her sister off at the opera there, and walked thru town over the bridge, and to this platform as seen in a image by Lin Zee. Not as nice as his but still a journey I will always remember.

Pier One Sydney

After a 6 mile photographic journey around Sydney my hotel was in sight. Pier One Sydney... home for the night. What a beautiful sight.

Cairn in Cairns

Just north of Cairns Australia is this whole area full of cairns. A cairn is a human-made pile of stones. The word cairn comes from the Scottish Gaelic: càrn. Inuksuit in northern Canada were markers used for wayfinding and to locate caches of food or other stores. A cairn to mark a mountain summit in Graubünden, Switzerland. Cairns are used as trail markers in many parts of the world, in uplands, on moorland, on mountaintops, near waterways and on sea cliffs, as well as in barren deserts and tundra. They vary in size from small stone markers to entire artificial hills, and in complexity from loose conical rock piles to delicately balanced sculptures and elaborate feats of megalithic engineering. Cairns may be painted or otherwise decorated, whether for increased visibility or for religious reasons.

Double Island Reef Panoramic

Double Island Reef. See the map.

Moment of Impact

The next wave took out my GoPro which i had on the side taking a panoramic. I wish i would have had more time in Alexandra Headland as it was a great surfing spot, and some action shots would have been nice.

South of Alexandra Headland

Another morning on the beach in Alexandra Headland. This 4 image pano captured a reflection of the cloudy sky.

Waiting for the Sun

On the beach at Alexandra Headlands waiting for the sun.

White Sand Lake on Frasier Island

Fraser Island, off Australia’s eastern Queensland coast, is the world's largest sand island, stretching over 120km. Panoramic viewpoints include Indian Head, a rocky outcrop on the island's easternmost tip, and the Cathedrals, a cliff famous for sculpted ribbons of coloured sand. It's a camping and ecotourism destination, with popular beaches and swimming sites at Lake McKenzie, Lake Wabby and other freshwater pools.

Rainbow Beach Rock

Rainbow Beach is a coastal town in the Wide Bay–Burnett region of Queensland, Australia, east of Gympie. At the 2011 census, Rainbow Beach had a population of 1,103. It is named from the rocky cliffs of layered colored sand.

Before morning coffee


Morning in Mooloolaba

Mooloolaba is a beautiful beach surfing community north of Brisbane. This is just south of the main beach on the beach under the light house.

South of Alexandra Headland Beach

Alexandra Headland is a beautiful beach surfing community north of Brisbane. This is just south of the main beach along the rocky coastline.

Morning Light

Another day on Double Island Reef. Or is that single island.


Some more fun facts on giraffe: Did you know that a giraffe mother is pregnant for between 400 and 460 days and they can sometimes have twins. Giraffes have special veins and arteries in the upper part of their neck called the ‘rete mirabile’ that stops the blood flowing into their heads when they bend down to drink. When giraffes run they can reach a speed of 60km/h, this is called galloping. A fully grown giraffe can stand up to 5 to 6 meters tall and can weigh up to 1 190kg. I knew you wanted to know this.

Morning Tide

There are several things we can count on in life. Death and taxes for sure, but don't forget about the tide coming in. Stay high and dry!

Double Island Reef Panoramic II

Another beautiful morning.

Morning Splash

Behind the splash was a beautiful sun rise.

North of Palm Cove

North of the pier at palm cove. Again, just past the watch out for crocodiles sign!!!

Cairns in Cairns II

North on the coast from Cairns is this this little cove. Really cool place.

Big Boat, Little Boat

Every morning the kayaks go out toward Double Island Reef. A lot of work i can tell you.

Another Day in the Corps

I wish every day was vacation morning with the sun shining day.

The Surfers, the GoPro, and the Lighthouse

Did you hear the one about the Surfers, the GoPro, and the Lighthouse? It was a classic tale for sure.

Sunrise on the Pier at Palm Cove

Taken in the early morning on the other side of the Palm Cove pier, just past the WATCH OUT FOR CROCKADIOALS signs.

Pier at Palm Cove

Only photographers and fishermen are out this early on the dock in Palm Cove.